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Analytical Chemist



Investigate the chemical nature of substances using a variety of methods.

What does an Analytical Chemist do?

Analytical chemists use various methods to study elements of chemical compounds, such as their composition and properties. Several industries employ analytical chemists, but the major ones include forensic science laboratories for criminal investigations, medical diagnosis laboratories, and pharmaceutical companies.

You carry out tests, use instruments and analytical techniques to analyze samples, interpret data, and write reports about your findings. You are also responsible for developing more precise techniques and following all safety procedures. Analytical work requires patience as well as a methodical and organized approach. Companies often look for a balance of transferable and research skills, such as logical thinking, knowledge of analytical methods, excellent IT skills, ability to work amicably on a team, and a sense of responsibility. Problem-solving and good communication skills are also requirements for this job.

The basic work specifications generally require you to have at least a bachelor’s degree in chemistry or a related discipline. If you have a master’s degree or Ph.D., it might improve your chances of finding a research-based position. For a rewarding career, becoming a chartered chemist is also a possibility.

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