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What skills do you need to become an analyst?

Companies and recruiters expect candidates who interview for analyst jobs to have know-how in valuation, financial modeling, and investment banking. In addition to that, having management and private equity proficiency may increase your chances of progressing to the next step. Analysts graduate with a variety of different majors. Economics degrees are significantly more prevalent than finance degrees.

Companies & Industries that Employ Analysts

Analysts work both individually and cross functionally with others in their organizations. They are more likely to be employed in financial services and management consulting industries than in investment banking. Other industries that employ analysts are information technology and services and banking.

Now, what are the top cities recent graduates work at? The majority of analysts find jobs in New York. Recent graduates will also be able to find jobs in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles.


Study information to help advise strategic decision making.

Salary Range: $64,043 - $85,000
Industry: Banking
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