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Analyst Relations Manager

Serve as the liaison between Analyst and upper management.

What does an Analyst Relations Manager do?

Before a company can build a customer base, it needs to track down potential customers. Analyst Relations Managers have an important role to play in this process, as they serve as a link between Corporate Executives and Industry Analysts who advertise the latest, most efficient products on the market.

To an Industry Analyst, an Analyst Relations Manager is a library of information. Analyst Relations Managers know why their company stands out and why its products are so effective. Most importantly, they know how to convey this information in a way that will have Analysts hooked.

As an Analyst Relations Manager, you spend the majority of your time talking. You talk to Project Managers about statistics and test results for products. You talk to Marketing Managers about advertising ideas. And you talk to Industry Analysts to provide all this info in a well-written report or snazzy sales pitch.

Analysts then take your information, and if they like your company’s products or services, they drop your name to potential clients. The hardest part of the job is selling your ideas. That’s why you spend so much time researching and compiling facts to prove that your weight-loss plan really works or your microprocessor truly is the fastest on the market.

In the end, your research and communication skills boost sales. As Industry Analysts work to stay on top of what’s hip and happening – always in search of the next big thing – you work to make sure that next big product is yours.