Amusement Ride Inspector

Make sure carnival or theme park rides as both safe and fun.

What does an Amusement Ride Inspector do?

Broken roller coasters and falling Ferris wheel cars are the stuff of horror movies, and that’s where they should stay. Amusement Ride Inspectors strive to meet one crucial goal: keep riders safe. From the local carnival to Disney theme parks, Amusement Ride Inspectors inspect rides and report which ones are good to go and which ones need a tune-up.

If you’re an Amusement Ride Inspector, your workday starts early as the park is waking up for the day. First, you’re climbing up to inspect the track on the park’s largest steel coaster, and then you’re checking electrical wiring on the carousel – all before the visitors arrive. Any ride deemed unsafe is ordered out of service until a Repairman can fix it.

Soon, the guests pour in and it’s time to move behind the scenes. Against a backdrop of riders shrieking in delight, you work in a roped-off section where a massive new coaster is being built. It’s almost ready for its grand opening, but first, it needs your seal of approval. Over the next few days, you spend much of your time ensuring that the track, its safety restraints, and the emergency controls meet all safety requirements.

Finally, the day slows to an end. You head to your office to fill out your final reports. Any problems or safety violations, even minor ones, must be noted.

Like a Police Officer, your job is to serve and protect people. While they guard against criminals, however, you guard against dangerous mechanical malfunctions.