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Amusement Park Entertainer

Put on delightful acts for the crowds in amusement parks.

What does an Amusement Park Entertainer do?

A standard amusement park contains rides, games, restaurants, and long lines of people. To keep the festive atmosphere alive, Amusement Park Entertainers provide live shows for the guests. Some wander about the park, providing on-the-spot entertainment, while others put on a staged show in one location in the park.

Amusement Park Entertainers may specialize in one form of show, such as juggling, sword eating, or palm reading. They may also work with animals, such as tiny monkeys or snakes. Or Amusement Park Entertainers may dress up in costumes and walk about, posing for hundreds of photos with adoring children.

You stay in character the entire time that you’re working with the public. Amusement parks attempt to create a unique atmosphere, and no scowling, cursing, garbage, or crime is allowed. Your work plays an important part in creating this atmosphere, so you keep your costume clean and your makeup firmly in place, and you’re extremely gracious with each guest you see.

If you’re performing in a show, you memorize all your lines well before the show begins. You may also help set up the stage and test the lights so the spotlight will shine upon you and your work. You may put on your show multiple times each day.

Sometimes, you’ll be asked to perform on local news programs and television shows so viewers will be tempted to buy tickets and see you live. While it might be unusual for you to appear in front of a camera instead of a live audience, you’ll be inspired by the thought of happy children gathered around the television.