Amusement Park Attendant

Help amusement park guests get on rides.

What does an Amusement Park Attendant do?

Behind the magic of any amusement park stand the Amusement Park Attendants who guarantee that riders stay safe and have fun. Amusement Park Attendants spend the entire workday cleaning rides, strapping people in, and pushing the buttons that send Ferris wheel cars and roller coaster carts up, up, and away.

Safety checks and heavy maintenance are usually the responsibility of the Theme Park Supervisor, but you – the Amusement Park Attendant – still lend a helping hand. After ensuring that each ride is ready for action, you enforce weight limits for each seat and help passengers properly buckle their restraints.

Then they’re off, and you take over control of the ride while laughing, shrieking passengers whiz by. Just when they think the fun is coming to an end, you send them whirling away once more. In between rides, you’re in charge of maintaining order in the park, whether that means keeping riders in line or collecting and counting the required number of tickets for each ride.

When you’re not running rides, you’re selling cotton candy at the concession stand or hosting carnival games where everyone’s a winner. At the end of the day, you shut down and cover up rides to protect against changing temperatures and stormy weather. Tomorrow, you’ll be back to set up the excitement all over again.