Ammunition Assembly Laborer II

Assemble and pack complete rounds of ammunition.

What does an Ammunition Assembly Laborer II do?

Assembles and packs complete rounds of ammunition, performing any combination of following tasks: Greases threads on fuses and starts them into threaded fuse sockets. Screws fuses into place, using screw press. Places primers in cartridge cases and stamps them in place, using press. Weighs and inserts propellants into cartridge cases. Brushes band of adhesive compound around base of projectile to seal cartridge. Gauges completed shells, using simple acceptance jigs. Stamps shell data on cartridge, using rubber stamp or stamping machine. Packs completed rounds in cardboard tubes. Stamps shell data on tubes, dips tubes in molten paraffin, and packs tubes in crates. Screws pierced and threaded plugs into bases of aerial bombs. Screws rod-supporting fin assembly into threaded hole in plug. Slips metal sleeves about bombs and packs them in metal containers, attaching tags with identification data to containers.