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Ammonia Refrigeration Technician



Refill and repair commercial-grade ammonia freezers.

What does an Ammonia Refrigeration Technician do?

If you listen closely throughout the night, you’ll probably hear your freezer cycling on and off. Freezers are designed to stay within a certain temperature range, and they periodically cycle through to meet that range.

However, some industrial companies simply must have tight control over their freezer temperatures. They use special refrigerators filled with pressurized ammonia, and those units don’t cycle like regular ones do. It is the job of Ammonia Refrigeration Technicians to repair and maintain those units.

Ammonia Refrigeration Technicians may work for a company that makes ammonia refrigerators, or for one that uses them. You inspect the devices and make sure they’re filled with the proper amount of ammonia. Ammonia Refrigeration Technicians must also see to it that the ammonia is circulating properly.

You check all of the tubes and connections for leaks, and replace any defective parts you find. You also inspect the electrical connections, and overhaul any faulty wiring. Additionally, you use thermometers to make sure the equipment is maintaining the proper temperature.

If a piece of equipment breaks, you work as hard as possible to make sure it’s fixed properly. You may refer to the device’s specifications and instruction manual to determine the likely cause of the problem. Then you order replacement parts, wait for them to arrive, and complete your work.

You’ll grow to love the cold because of your job. After all, cool air means you’re doing your work properly. You may be tempted to turn the heat down in your home at the end of your workday, and you’ll have a special fondness for snowy winter days.

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