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American Indian Policy Specialist

Include Native American interests in policymaking.

What does an American Indian Policy Specialist do?

As an American Indian Policy Specialist, you advise governments, nonprofit organizations, and private companies on the interests of Native Americans. Part Historian, part Anthropologist, and part Public Policy Analyst, you accomplish that by way of research, communication, and intervention.

Here’s how it usually works: When a company or government has a project – it’s building a resort near an Indian reservation, for instance, or introducing a new healthcare program that will be utilized by Native American patients – it hires you, the American Indian Policy Specialist. A Consultant, you analyze your client’s plans, conduct interviews and focus groups with Native Americans, and execute observational and participatory research within Native American communities. At the end of the process, you then analyze your findings and present a series of recommendations that are sensitive to Native American cultures, traditions, practices, economies, health, languages, beliefs, resources, and environments.

History is full of lessons learned. One of the most important lessons that America has learned from history comes from its complicated relationship with Native Americans. That’s why the role of an AMerican Indian Policy Specialist is so important. It’s your job to avoid the mistakes of the past and prevent future injustices by examining the impact of proposed programs, policies, and plans.