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American History Professor

Teach university students about American history.

What does an American History Professor do?

If the world were a family and its nations were its members, the United States would be the youngest child. Although she’s juvenile in age, America has nonetheless had a turbulent and transfixing past. It is the job of American History Professors to study, record, and teach that story.

Employed by colleges and universities, your primary responsibility as an American History Professor is to teach American history classes to college students pursuing a liberal arts education. You may have a specialty-for instance, colonial America, the American Revolution, the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution, or the President Of The United States-or you may be a generalist, capable of teaching American history from A to Z. Either way, you’re paid to create lesson plans, give lectures, assign homework, and administer exams, all in hopes of turning students into citizens.

Of course, your job isn’t just teaching. At once academic and patriotic, it’s also researching. When you’re not in the classroom, therefore, you’re in libraries and museums, studying people and events from the nation’s past with the goal of unearthing new facts or developing new interpretations, which you’ll share in the form of scholarly articles, books, and presentations.

Whether it’s the truth about George Washington’s hairpiece or a new take on the Cold War, you’re a historical Sleuth who specializes in all things stars-and-stripes.