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Ambulance Mechanic

Keep emergency vehicles in top shape to help save lives.

What does an Ambulance Mechanic do?

Paramedics rush to the scene of a fire and find two people unconscious and covered with severe burns. These patients must see Doctors immediately, so the Paramedics bundle them into the ambulance and speed away to the hospital. This sort of heroic rescue takes place every day, and Ambulance Mechanics have an important role to play in the drama. An ambulance must be running well in order for these medical professionals to do their jobs.

Most ambulances run on diesel fuel, and the engines must be cleaned and oiled periodically to keep efficiency up and emissions down. During these periodic checkups, you – the Ambulance Mechanic – replace worn belts, spark plugs, filters, and tires as needed to help the ambulance function properly. Sometimes, you perform major maintenance tasks, such as replacing brakes or shock-reduction systems.

When an ambulance breaks down, computers and Ambulance Mechanics work together to make repairs. Most modern vehicles have computer systems that tell Mechanics what’s wrong and what should be done to fix the problem. When an ambulance comes to your shop, you hook it to the computer and take readings. Sometimes, you drive the vehicle around the block to reproduce the problem.

Once you spot the error, you order parts to make the repair. When the parts arrive, you install them and take the ambulance for a test drive to make sure it’s working properly. While you may be tempted to turn on the siren and practice your racing skills, you maintain self-control and stick to the speed limit.