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Ambulance Driver



Transport medical patients with speed and safety.

What does an Ambulance Driver do?

While Racecar Drivers drive fast for the thrill, Ambulance Drivers drive fast to save lives. The first to respond in an emergency situation, Ambulance Drivers drive to the scene of the accident and, along with Paramedics, load the injured person onto a stretcher and into the back of the ambulance. Then they flip on the lights and rush them to the hospital while the Paramedics perform first aid.

You don’t always travel at breakneck speed, though. For example, some patients need an Ambulance Driver to transport them from a nursing home to a hospital. This allows the Paramedics to monitor the patient’s health during the ride.

When you do need to make an emergency trip in a hurry, you focus on getting the patient to the hospital as fast as possible without putting them in more danger. Not only do you have other cars on the road to watch out for, but you also need to avoid buffeting the patient about by running into potholes or taking corners too fast. Slow and steady can be more of a lifesaver than fast and bumpy.

After unloading the patient, you clean and sanitize the ambulance while waiting for the next distress call. In addition to your driving skills, you need a working knowledge of first aid and medical treatments. That’s because you may need to care for the patient and stabilize them before loading them onto a stretcher. With all these skills combined, you’re the perfect candidate to comfort the injured and save their lives.

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