Ambulance Attendant

Assist the emergency driver with instructions and more.

What does an Ambulance Attendant do?

Injuries and illnesses can strike suddenly, and when they do, victims will need emergency medical attention. An Ambulance Attendant speeds to the rescue in an ambulance, provides first aid on the site, and then delivers the victim to the hospital for ongoing care.

An Ambulance Attendant typically works with a team that includes a Dispatcher, an Ambulance Driver, and an Emergency Medical Technician. The Dispatcher tells you, the Ambulance Attendant, what happened and where you need to go, the Driver gets you there, and the EMT supervises you.

Sometimes, you may drive the ambulance yourself, or read maps and provide directions for the Driver. In any case, though, you move with incredible speed through the city, with your siren howling. Small boys along the route will likely watch with envy as you pass by.

When you arrive at the scene, you interview the patient and his family. You take the patient’s temperature, pulse, and blood pressure; bandage wounds; and attach him to an oxygen supply. You also assist the EMT with more advanced medical procedures, such as administering medications. You then strap the patient onto a stretcher, load him into the ambulance, then drive quickly and noisily to the hospital.

When you arrive at the hospital, you tell the professionals there about the extent of the patient’s medical problem. Once you’ve unloaded the patient, you then drive away. You may never know what happens to him after that, and this may be slightly disconcerting. You know, however, that you did the best you could to help the person survive and get well, and this may be the only consolation you need.