Aluminum Hydroxide Process Operator

Tend equipment to process ammonia solutions and aluminum sulfates.

What does an Aluminum Hydroxide Process Operator do?

Tends steam-jacketed kettles, mixing tanks, filter press, string filter, and related equipment to process ammonia solution and aluminum sulfate into aluminum hydroxide: Meters water into steam-jacketed kettle and sets thermostat at specified temperature. Dumps preweighed bags of aluminum sulfate into kettle, and starts agitator to dissolve ingredient. Meters specified amounts of hot water and ammonia into mixing tank and starts agitator. Pumps aluminum sulfate solution through filter press into heated agitator tank to remove insoluble materials. Pumps ammonia solution to tank with aluminum sulfate solution. Ladles sample of mixture, adds test solution, and observes color reaction to determine degree of precipitation. Adds specified ingredients to mixing tank to complete precipitation, according to results of test. Pumps slurry through string filter to separate aluminum hydroxide from mixture. May replace filtering media and repair equipment, using handtools.