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Aluminum Container Tester

Test the efficiency of enamel insulation of aluminum battery containers.

What does an Aluminum Container Tester do?

Tests efficiency of enamel insulation of finished aluminum battery containers, using electrical testing apparatus and chemical solutions: Places lid on metal fixture wired to instrument panel to test coating on lid. Dips instrument terminal in chemical solution and rubs terminal over surface of lid, observing sparks that indicate insufficient insulation. Outlines areas that emit sparks with crayon to guide workers in applying additional enamel coating. Fills container with chemical solution to test interior insulation. Dips tip of rubber-covered rod, connected to ohmmeter, in solution and observes instrument dial to determine if insulation is effective within specified tolerance. Marks acceptance symbol on satisfactory containers. Moves testing rod around interior of container until panel light indicates defect in container. Pours solution out of container to level of defective area. Moves tip of wired bar over surface of container until sparks occur indicating location of defect. Marks and segregates defective containers.