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Aluminum Boats Assembler

Assemble aluminum boats.

What does an Aluminum Boats Assembler do?

Assembles aluminum boats, performing any combination of following tasks: Bends edges of precut hull bottom, using roller-bending device and hammer. Positions hull sides along bottom and clamps them in place. Drills holes through hull sides, using portable electric drill. Rivets hull bottom and sides together, using pneumatic rivet gun. Bolts wooden gunnel strips and transom in place to stiffen hull. Positions parts, such as ribs, stringers, seats, and flotation tanks in hull, using rule and template and following blueprints. Clamps parts in place, drills holes, and bolts or rivets parts to hull. Drills holes in hull, following layout marks and installs accessories, such as cleats, lights, and windshields. Seals seams with aluminum caulking compound to prevent hull leakage. Files rough edges with hand file.