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Alteration Tailor



Alter clothing to fit individual customers or repair defective garments.

What does an Alteration Tailor do?

Alters clothing to fit individual customers or repairs defective garments, following alteration or repair tags or marks on garments: Examines tag or garment to ascertain necessary alterations. Removes stitches from garment, using ripper or razor blade. Shortens or lengthens sleeves and legs, expands or narrows waist and chest, raises or lowers collar, and inserts or eliminates padding in shoulders while maintaining drape and proportions of garment. Trims excess material, using scissors. Resews garment, using needle and thread or sewing machine. Repairs or replaces defective garment parts, such as pockets, pocket flaps, and coat linings. May fit garments on customer to determine required alterations [GARMENT FITTER 785.361-014]. May press garment, using hand iron [PRESSER, HAND 363.684-018] or pressing machine [PRESSER, MACHINE 363.682-018]. May be designated according to type of garment altered or repaired as Tailor, Men’s Ready-To-Wear; Tailor, Women’s-Garment Alteration; or according to garment part altered or repaired as Pants Busheler; Vest Busheler.

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