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Alpine Guide

Take tourists on treks to high mountains.

What does an Alpine Guide do?

Alpine Guides lead adventurers into and out of some of the most challenging terrains on the planet. Using their in-depth knowledge of mountaineering, wilderness survival, and teamwork, Alpine Guides help the groups they lead get the most out of their outdoor experience, and ensure that everyone makes it through safely.

If you’re an Alpine Guide, you’re familiar with many different types of climbing situations. It’s your job to set out the climbing route, choose the path to get there, and make sure everyone is prepared for the ascent. Depending on your employer (you could also be self-employed), you may familiarize yourself intensely with one specific mountain, state park, or other wilderness area, or you may go from site to site. Whatever your job situation looks like, your clients count on your judgment and experience when in the field.

If you want a normal nine-to-five job, then this is not for you. While some climbs may be done in a day, after which you and your clients will go your separate ways, many more involved mountain-climbing expeditions can require days in the field with a group of total strangers. You’ll need to get along with many different personality types, and balance good customer service with being a leader. It’s anything but easy, but helping a group of novices get to the top of their first mountain is a feeling you can take all the way home with you.