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Alligator Wrestler



Wow the crowd by subduing an full-grown alligator with your hands.

What does an Alligator Wrestler do?

Among the strange jobs that cause people to do a double take, Alligator Wrestler is right up there with Chicken Sexer and Paranormal Investigator.

When you work as an Alligator Wrestler, you’re doing pretty much exactly what it sounds like: You wrestle alligators. This job started in the early 1920s in Florida, when Seminole Indians would wrestle for the tips that tourists gave out. Today, the industry is still primarily found in Florida, and most Alligator Wrestlers are still Seminoles. However, this isn’t a flourishing industry, and it’s often difficult for retiring Wrestlers to find someone to take their place.

Though that means finding work may be easy, don’t expect to make a lot of money. Between animal rights concerns and a lack of viewers, it can be difficult to make a consistent paycheck. And even when you do, this definitely isn’t a job that you do for the money.

All that being said, the thought of dragging an alligator to the ground gets some people’s hearts racing enough to ignore the downsides. If this describes you, then start bulking up, as alligator wrestling requires some serious strength.

A typical wrestling match starts with you capturing your chosen reptile, either as it’s sitting on dry land or as it’s swimming underwater. To capture one, you grab it by the tail, wrap your arms around it, and drag it in front of your crowd. From there, you can then show off its different parts or impress with creative wrestling holds.

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