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Alignment Specialist



Help cars and trucks run better by putting all their parts in line.

What does an Alignment Specialist do?

Using your hands, getting dirty, and keeping Drivers safe on the road-that’s the job of an Alignment Specialist. In this position, you work in an automobile repair shop, gas station, or specialty tire store, making sure cars drive straight (don’t worry, Alignment Specialists are not responsible for the Drivers-just the cars).

Using precision automotive tools or computer equipment, you make sure the wheels, axles, torsion bars, and steering mechanisms on vehicles all point the same direction (straight) at the same time. If you find damaged parts, you replace or repair those.

Once you get the car to drive straight, you inspect the suspension system as well. Since cars and trucks vary so drastically, it’s essential that you possess a thorough understanding of how the vital systems on each type function.

Complete inspections of the vehicle may also be necessary, so brush up on your general auto mechanics too. Other duties of an Alignment Specialist include running diagnostic tests on the air-conditioning, braking, and electrical systems as well.

Standing for long periods of time, bending, and lifting up to 50 pounds are the physical requirements of the job. Prepare for a variety of work hours. Depending on the type of establishment you work for, night and weekend shifts may be part of the schedule.

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