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Aligning Inspector

Examine typed characters and exterior features of typewriter.

What does an Aligning Inspector do?

Examines typed characters and exterior features of typewriter, such as serial number and carriage model, for conformance to specifications: Verifies serial number, model carriage, front panel, and type style against specifications. Measures width of type guide, using go-not-go gauge. Compares arrangement of key tops with diagram stick to verify positions of characters. Types line-of-write on sample sheet and examines typing for defects, such as characters above or below line-of-write, heavy or light impressions, cutting into or embossing paper, and uneven spacing or tilted characters. Marks sample sheet with prescribed symbols to indicate defects. Places sheet, ticket, and machine on conveyor for realigning or stamps inspection number on tickets and papers of approved machine and posts serial number to production report. Determines alignment and looseness of specified parts, using screwdriver.