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Alarm Operator



Operate municipal fire alarm systems, radios, and switchboards.

What does an Alarm Operator do?

Operates municipal fire alarm system, radio transmitter and receiver, and telephone switchboard: Receives incoming fire calls by telephone or through alarm system. Questions caller, observes alarm register that codes location of fire, and scans map of city to determine whether fire is located within area served by city fire department. Determines type and number of units to respond to emergency. Notifies fire station, using radio, and starts alarm system that automatically contacts all fire stations and indicates location of fire. Relays messages from scene of fire, such as requests for additional help and medical assistance. Records date, time, type of call and destination of messages received or transmitted. Maintains activity, code, and locator files. Tests various communications systems and reports malfunctions to maintenance units. May operate telegraph to relay code as back-up if transmitter fails.

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