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Airport Manager



Make sure operations at your airport are always flying high.

What does an Airport Manager do?

If an airport were a beehive, with many flights coming in and going out all day long and many “bees” working together to achieve a common goal, the Airport Manager would be the Beekeeper who stays behind and makes sure that all aspects of the hive are operating properly.

As an Airport Manager, you’re not responsible for the flights themselves, but you attempt to create and foster good relationships with major airlines so they’ll use your airport frequently. You make sure the runways are well maintained and free of snow so Pilots don’t delay flights due to bad conditions.

You see to it that the airport follows the strict rules set down by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). If FAA Inspectors come to the airport, you accompany them as they make their rounds. You try to smile and not sweat too much during these inspections.

You also prepare the airport’s annual budget. Much of your airport’s income comes from vendors who rent your space in order to sell their products. You treat these vendors with tender care so they’ll stay at the airport and continue to pay their rent.

If travelers have a complaint about the airport, they visit the Airport Manager. During these visits, you listen to the complaint and offer appropriate solutions. These may be tense talks, and you need to remain courteous and professional throughout. If a major event happens at your airport, such as a huge snowstorm that shuts the place down, you talk to the press on behalf of the airport.

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