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Airport Line Technician



Refuel airliners, handle bags or help prepare a plane for its next flight.

What does an Airport Line Technician do?

The job of an Airport Line Technician starts when an airplane’s wheels touch the ground. The Airport Line Technician then springs into action, doing everything from refueling to cleaning seats to helping customers get their bags.

Airport Line Technicians are mainly employed at smaller airports that handle private planes and business jets. This means you probably won’t be working with large commercial planes; people like Baggage Handlers do that. You work with small planes, but that doesn’t mean you don’t get a wide variety of tasks and meet a lot of people.

After a plane lands, you direct the Pilot where to park, making sure they have enough space to get into the spot cleanly without any accidents. Then you pull bags off the plane, help the Pilot and the passengers safely onto the ground, and drive them to their hotel or final destination. This job has a big customer service component. You want to always be polite and helpful because a big perk of the job is that Technicians are usually tipped, and tipped pretty well.

When the plane is empty, you then go through to pick up trash, vacuum seats, and restock the restrooms. You clean and empty the restroom, and fill up the gas tank. If the Pilot notices something wrong with the plane, you direct him to the closest Mechanic. In bad weather, you might be asked to de-ice the plane, and help guide departing planes toward the runway.

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