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Airport Engineer

Build airports that serve their purpose effectively.

What does an Airport Engineer do?

If you’ve ever waited in the crowded lobby of a poorly designed airport and thought, I could make this better, you may have the makings of an Airport Engineer. An Airport Engineer designs the airport terminals, runways, parking lots, and even gift shops that keep an airport functioning. As an Airport Engineer, you carefully plan out every detail so planes always have a place to land and tired travelers can always purchase a hot coffee.

Most of your projects revolve around remodeling. Airports may need more runways, an additional helicopter landing pad, or a larger parking lot. When you land a project, you start brainstorming design ideas.

A fine line exists between creativity, practicality, and safety. Zoning restrictions and the laws of physics control much of what you can build. But for you, that’s just another challenge! Crafting a spacious, new terminal with restaurants and room for automated ticket machines without violating safety regulations lets you flex your outside-the-box thinking muscles.

Once your design is finalized, you work with Architects to create blueprints and then hire the Construction Workers to start building. Often, you serve as the Project Manager, overseeing the budget of the project and solving problems as they arise.

Your time is spent in the office tracking the project’s progress and costs, as well as at the construction site ensuring that construction follows your blueprints exactly. When the project is finished, you’ll have made another airport a more comfortable, less stressful place for weary travelers.