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Airport Electrician

Maintain every bulb, fixture and outlet from tarmac to check-in desk.

What does an Airport Electrician do?

When the power goes out in an office, it’s an inconvenience. When the power goes out in an airport, it’s a crisis. That’s because electricity powers the lights on the runway, the communication equipment in the tower, and the screening equipment in the customs area.

That makes the job of Airport Electricians extremely important. Airport Electricians test all of that equipment and make repairs whenever necessary.

If you’re an Airport Electrician, your typical workday involves inspecting the lights in the airport and replacing burned bulbs as needed, paying special attention to the lights on the runway. You also inspect the wiring and circuits, and replace any worn or defective wires you find. You notify the Airport Manager if you need to turn the power off so you can conduct your tests or make repairs.

If the power goes out, you work quickly to get things up and running again. You test the circuits to isolate the problem, and replace everything-from a small section of wire to an entire transformer-if necessary.

If you work for a very large airport, you may be part of a team of Electricians, and you may be assigned to only one part of the building. You inspect your assigned area, make repairs, and assist Airport Electricians in charge of other areas if needed. You won’t gloat if those Electricians have problems and you don’t.

If, on the other hand, you work for a smaller airport, you may be responsible for the entire facility, and you’ll be on call all the time. You may receive calls in the middle of the night, when it’s dark outside and lights are critical. You’ll keep your uniform by the bed, just in case.