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Airplane Repossessor



Track down and seize airplanes from people who can't keep up payments.

What does an Airplane Repossessor do?

When someone fails to pay the bills on their car or house, the bank comes for it. Well, they don’t come themselves, but they send a Repossessor to do the job for them. When the asset of the loan is an airplane, it requires a more specialized professional. That professional is the Airplane Repossessor.

As an Airplane Repossessor, you have your work cut out for you. Sure, airplanes are huge, but tracking one down can be difficult. So, you use your Investigator skills to hunt records of rented hangars, fuel purchases, or Federal Aviation Administration transactions. With insight on where the plane is located, you plan your attack.

Some customers will hand you the keys with a melancholy dangle of the head, but many will refuse to give up the goods. That’s when you plan a legal theft. That gets your blood pumping, doesn’t it? For good reason.

Stealing a plane can be the thrill of a lifetime. You might encounter no resistance, or endure the wrath of an entire weapon-wielding, tweaked-out drug cartel.

Because your job as an Airplane Repossessor is so dangerous, you work with a team. Who joins your team is up to you, but you typically rely on hired hands to act as lookout and protector while you seize the plane. You also rely on an Airplane Mechanic to ensure that the plane is fit for flight.

If you’re looking for a blood-pumping, heart-racing job, you’ve found it!

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