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Airplane Coverer

Fabricate, install, and spray cloth airplane surface coverings.

What does an Airplane Coverer do?

Fabricates, installs, and sprays cloth airplane surface coverings, using handtools and portable power tools: Marks dimensions of surface on cloth parts, using chalk and templates. Cuts cloth to size, using scissors or cutting machine. Operates sewing machine to stitch cloth to form envelope that fits structure to be covered and reinforces envelope with cloth tape. Fastens fabric parts to structure, using cement, needle and thread, or metal strips and screws. Sprays covering with water to produce smooth surface. Applies diluted dope to prime and tighten fabric, using handbrush. Brushes on clear and silver dope to strengthen and preserve fabric. Applies pigmented dope, using brush or spray gun to color and finish fabric. May fabricate patterns and templates.