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Airplane Charter Clerk

Rent small aircraft to pilots, companies, or individual clients

What does an Airplane Charter Clerk do?

When a Driver returns from a trip, the car can fit neatly in the garage. A Pilot rarely has this luxury. Airplanes are big and noisy, and they can be incredibly expensive. When Pilots don’t own their own planes, but they still feel the urge to fly, they rent planes from Airplane Charter Clerks.

Airplane Charter Clerks often work for small airports that have a sea of planes available for rent. As an Airplane Charter Clerk, you need to know all about the planes your company owns, so you can be sure to rent the right type of airplane to your customer.

When a Pilot wants to rent an airplane, you first check their license to make sure they’ll be able to handle the plane legally. Then, you talk to them about the length of the flight and the number of passengers they’ll have. Using this information, you select a plane for rental.

While the Pilot fills out paperwork, you inspect the plane and make notes about any dings, chips, or damage to the inside and the outside. You ask Aircraft Fueler to fill the plane with fuel, and you tally a bill for the rental. When the bill has been paid and the Pilot takes off, you log the flight in a logbook so Air Traffic Controllers know about the flight and can track its progress.

At the end of the trip, the Pilot returns to your desk and you look at the plane again, just to make sure it hasn’t been damaged during the flight.