Airline Operations Agent

Coordinate airport crews to make sure people and baggage arrive on time.

What does an Airline Operations Agent do?

For an Airline Operations Agent, each day begins with an understanding of the flight schedule for the day. An Airline Operations Agent’s goal is to coordinate the myriad passengers and luggage for each flight that leaves the tarmac. After all, the passengers, flight crew, airport, and subsequent flights all count on them to stay on schedule.

That’s a challenge, but for an Airline Operations Agent it’s one you embrace. But you don’t do it alone. You coordinate with the rest of the crews working towards your common goal.

Communication is crucial to the success of your mission. You give the Pilots regular status updates, work with the ground crew to load all passenger baggage into the cargo area, inform the Aircraft Fuelers when the gas tank has to be topped off, and communicate with the gate crew when there’s a delay.

While maintaining the schedule is one major goal, you also ensure the safety of the passengers and crew. So, even if it causes a delay, you make sure mechanical issues are addressed. You also pay attention to suspicious packages, follow Federal Aviation Administration policies, and make sure the cargo is both balanced and secure before takeoff.

Whether you perform all these jobs at a small, regional airport, or focus on one area at an international facility, you keep careful records of each flight. That way, everyone knows how many passengers are on board, how much luggage is in the underbelly, and if weather is expected to cause delays.