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Airline Customer Service Agent

Check passengers in and ensure they're ready to fly.

What does an Airline Customer Service Agent do?

Airline Customer Service Agents help people fly the friendly skies to get where they want (or need) to go. Working behind the counter in the airport, Airline Customer Service Agents make dream vacations and profitable business trips possible.

As an Airline Customer Service Agent, you check travelers in for flights and assist the flight crew in getting things off the ground. Attention to detail is an essential skill for this position, as you must follow the travel guidelines established by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security. Based on those guidelines, you decide whether or not to allow passengers to board the airplane and fly to their destination.

Since you interact with customers regularly, you must have the ability to smile through difficult situations, and resolve the matter at the same time. Excellent communication and computer skills are also required, as the airline industry relies heavily on both to meet customers’ needs.

Physical requirements include the ability to stand for several hours and lift up to 50 pounds regularly. At the end of the day, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve helped people reach their vacation dreams, and you get a travel discount for yourself too!