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Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic

Keep airplanes in top condition.

What does an Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic do?

The typical duties of an Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic, also referred to as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician and Avionics Technician, include repairing and maintaining different types and sizes of aircraft. This may be the job for you if, every time you hop on a plane, you’re more interested in how the aircraft works than how picturesque the view outside your window is.

Basic duties for Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics include inspecting aircraft equipment and devices from soup to nuts (such as the landing gear, engine, flight instruments, and pressurized components, among other things), and making any necessary adjustments and repairs to ensure that the aircraft is operating at the highest level of safety and efficiency. As an Airframe and Power Plant Mechanic, you use an array of tools to inspect and repair aircraft equipment, including hand tools, power tools, machines, welding equipment, and drills.

Many of these positions are found in the air transportation industry or related fields, but some Airframe and Power Plant Mechanics work for the government or independent agencies that rent or own aircraft.

If you’ve always had a love of airplanes and flying, but are more into working with your hands behind the scenes than being on the front lines, this job can perfectly marry your passion for aircraft with your interest in how they actually work. Ensuring that each aircraft is operating safely is a very important aspect of the job, so if your priority is to help people feel confident that their means of travel is always comfortable and safe, this is your ideal position.