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Aircraft Sales Representative

Sell small airplanes to private owners and big ones to airlines.

What does an Aircraft Sales Representative do?

When you’re an Aircraft Sales Representative, you dream of a world where people own personal jets rather than cars, and new airline carriers start up daily. Your obsession with flying machines comes less from a desire to see everyone up in the air and more from a desire to make lots of sales. As an Aircraft Sales Representative, you’re a specific type of Sales Representative, one who sells airplanes to interested buyers.

Aircraft Sales Representatives work with two types of customers. You can sell light airplanes — which are things like personal jets or corporate planes — to smaller companies and individuals looking to make big purchases. Or, you can work for a bigger company, like Boeing, and sell larger aircraft to customers such as airlines or the government.

No matter whom you sell to, your job is to connect interested clients with your company’s planes. You educate your client on the different types of aircraft available, and help them discern which one is best for their needs. To do this, you send e-mails and packets of information to keep them updated on new products or answer any questions they might have.

Though ultimately you sell airplanes, a big part of this job is selling yourself and your company. You represent your employer, so you always want to come off as knowledgeable, professional, and trustworthy. Networking and communication are two absolute requirements for this job, as is a tough skin. Especially when selling smaller planes, you should expect to hear the word “No” a lot more frequently than you hear “Yes.”