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Aircraft Mechanic



Maintain and repair aircraft and various aircraft systems.

What does an Aircraft Mechanic do?

If you have an interest in aviation, are good with your hands, and are mechanically inclined, then you might enjoy a career as an aircraft mechanic. In this field, you’re responsible for various aspects of aircraft maintenance, depending on which certifications you have. Airframe mechanics maintain the mechanical parts of the aircraft that are not part of the engine or avionics. Powerplant mechanics are responsible for working on aircraft engines including overhauls when necessary. Line maintenance technicians handle small, unexpected maintenance. Finally, avionics technicians specialize in the aircraft’s electronic components.

You can choose to specialize in specific types of aircraft such as propeller-driven airplanes, helicopters, or jet airliners. Regardless of the type of plane, your job is to ensure that any aircraft under your care is airworthy before being permitted to fly.

This is a field that requires specialized education in aircraft systems, and you need Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification. You must be fluent in English and have hands-on experience obtained on the job or by going to an FAA-approved school. You’re then required to pass practical, written, and oral exams to become certified. Degrees aren’t required for certification, though it is common for employers to require at least a bachelor’s degree.

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