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Aircraft Fueler



Maintain the performance of aircraft with a focus on aviation safety.

What does an Aircraft Fueler do?

Airplanes need fuel or aviation gas to fly. Your primary responsibility is to fuel and maintain aircraft in a variety of sizes and ensure fuel-readiness for take-off. You need to be physically fit and strong enough to work outdoors in all weather conditions, as well as handle heavy equipment such as pump nozzles, mobile fuel trucks, motorized hydrant carts, and stationary carts.

An efficient aircraft fueler hooks up the equipment safely, fills fuel for the wings, unhooks the equipment safely, fills out the fuel transaction forms correctly, and performs quality control on the equipment every day. You are comfortable using numbers to calculate fuel volume and weight.

Airline companies join directly with aircraft fueling companies. These companies hire, train, certify, and periodically recertify employees on fueling and fire safety requirements. A government body regulates the training and certification of aircraft fuelers.

A job as an aircraft fueler usually requires a high school diploma or a degree with airport certification in fuel handling. Understanding and awareness of aircraft systems, engine maintenance, aviation security, and ground handling are strengths if you are looking for a career as an aircraft fueler.

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