Airbrush Painter

Coat, decorate, glaze, retouch, or tint articles using an airbrush.

What does an Airbrush Painter do?

Coats, decorates, glazes, retouches, or tints articles, such as fishing lures, toys, dolls, pottery, artificial flowers, greeting cards, and household appliances, using airbrush: Stirs or shakes coating liquid and thinner to mix solution to specified consistency. Pours solution into airbrush container, couples airbrush to airhose, and starts compressor or opens valve on compressed-air line. Turns adjusting sleeve on nozzle of airbrush to regulate spray pattern to size of workpiece or area to be sprayed. Presses button on airbrush to spray coating over workpiece, or to spray specified designs and decorations on workpiece, spraying freehand or using stencils, masks, screens, and tape. Cleans airbrush nozzle and hose with solvent. May be designated according to article sprayed as Bait Painter.