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Air Freight Forwarder

Coordinate with warehouses and deliverers to get packages shipped by plane.

What does an Air Freight Forwarder do?

When that article you ordered from Amazon shows up on your porch, you probably don’t give much thought to where it came from and how it got there. Sure, you know that UPS Driver delivered it, but how did it get from the manufacturing plant in Thailand to the warehouse in Indiana? It’s the job of the Air Freight Forwarder to not only know how items get there, but also make sure that they do get there, on time and under budget.

As an Air Freight Forwarder, you know all the major players in the air transport business. But you go to lunch with most of the minor ones, too. That’s because your job is to know every possible way to get products from point A to point B using air travel. Speaking of products, you might deal with anything from an envelope to a barrel of hazardous waste.

Working as an Air Freight Forwarder is challenging. Not only do you work under delivery deadlines, but you also cater to your customer’s other needs. You negotiate and sign contracts that outline price, guarantees, delivery dates, and other contingencies.

In addition to satisfying customer needs and building relationships within the shipping community, you have a plane full of paperwork to contend with. Each country has its own stipulations about what can be shipped and how it can be transported. So you use your Investigator skills to track down all necessary forms and approval stamps.