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Air Export Manager

Take care of the paperwork involved in air shipping.

What does an Air Export Manager do?

Sending something overseas isn’t as simple as boxing the item up and putting it on a plane. A lot of paperwork must be completed, if you’d like the item to actually get to its destination rather than sitting for years in a warehouse behind a customs desk. It also takes quite a bit of money, and some airlines charge more than others for essentially the same service. An Air Export Manager’s job is to make sure that all of the paperwork is done properly, and that the shipment doesn’t cost any more than it has to.

As an Air Export Manager, you supervise a team of people. Supervision can be rewarding, especially if your team does well and you can take the credit for it. But, as any effective Supervisor, Air Export Managers must also be able to step in and do the job of their subordinates, when needed. You inspire them to excellence-if you do an excellent job yourself, of course.

You likely work for a freight company, which makes money by shipping items overseas. You make sure the paperwork for each shipment is complete. This includes paperwork for customs, as well as paperwork that details exactly what is in the shipment and how much it weighs. You may have clients call you for estimates.

You form tight relationships with the airlines you work with, writing up contracts to lock in pricing for your shipments. This makes providing accurate estimates much easier.