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Air Courier



Fly with packages that need to be hand delivered.

What does an Air Courier do?

We live in an international economy. Los Angeles does business with Hong Kong, and New York coordinates with offices in London. Sometimes, shipping important documents between locations is too time-consuming or expensive, so companies hire Air Couriers to take flight and deliver the goods themselves.

As an Air Courier, you’re basically a Babysitter for a sleeping baby. All you have to do is show up at the airport and meet with a Shipping Representative. He will have already packaged the cargo and processed your airline ticket. You accept the ticket and a claim form for the cargo.

Next, you board the plane and enjoy an in-flight movie while traveling to your destination. At the other end, you again meet with a Shipping Agent, show your paperwork, and leave the package in their capable hands.

In exchange for your Air Courier services, you receive discount or free airfare. Although you don’t receive monetary compensation, this is a great way to see the world at a significant discount.

Be warned, though: There are a few sacrifices for the job. For example, since you forfeit your space in the airplane’s cargo hold, you must be a master packer. You’re only allowed to bring what you can carry on to the plane.

Still, if you love to travel, have flexibility in your schedule, and keep your passport up to date, a job as an Air Courier can help you fulfill your travel goals.

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