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Air-Conditioning Installer Supervisor

Supervise workers engaging with air-conditioning systems.

What does an Air-Conditioning Installer Supervisor do?

Supervises activities of workers engaged in fabricating, installing, and repairing air-conditioning systems in residential and commercial buildings: Inspects and measures building to determine airflow requirements. Plans and draws layout and dimensions of ductwork, applying knowledge of sheet metal fabrication and air-conditioning system design, using pencil and ruler, and following specifications from air-conditioning equipment manufacturers and customer. Obtains price quotations on materials and purchases materials, such as sheet metal, compressors, and fans, from suppliers and tests equipment to verify that equipment is functioning. Schedules air-conditioning installation assignments. Examines installed air-conditioning systems to verify that system is functioning, using test instruments. Compiles labor and material cost figures and supporting media for billing purposes. Attends classes and seminars on air-conditioning components and system design to update skills. May instruct workers in sheet metal fabrication in shop. May supervise sheet metal fabrication in shop and resolve problems to maintain production schedule. Performs other duties as described under SUPERVISOR Master Title.