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Air Conditioning Engineer

Install and repair AC units in homes, businesses, and factories.

What does an Air Conditioning Engineer do?

Air conditioning-someone living in Alaska might not give it a lot of thought, but those in Arizona, and many in between, consider it to be a tool for survival. Air Conditioning Engineers design, develop, build, test, manufacture, and install air conditioning units for a variety of uses.

As an Air Conditioning Engineer, you might work for a manufacturing company or engineering firm, or you might offer your services as a Consultant. You probably also answer to the title of Mechanical Engineer or Electrical Engineer. After all, you specialize in air conditioning, but you understand the myriad components and how they intertwine with other systems.

Your duties as an Air Conditioning Engineer might have you working on systems for cars, houses, businesses, boats, trains, planes, or even 18-wheelers. Land or sea, low or high elevation, each project brings its own challenges. But then, you’re an Engineer, and solving problems is what you do.

Take, for example, a room full of computers. Have you ever experienced typing along when yours overheats and shuts down? Now imagine that computer has a really important job, like helping to secure a compound or providing radar for Air Traffic Controllers. When you design or improve air conditioning systems, you consider heat from glass windows, exhaust from machines in the room, and a plethora of other factors to ensure optimal performance.