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AIDS Educator

Raise awareness to help stop the spread of HIV and AIDS.

What does an AIDS Educator do?

AIDS Educators act as Motivational Speakers to raise HIV/AIDS awareness and destroy the myths that surround it. AIDS Educators work to reduce the spread of AIDS and help those who are HIV positive or have AIDS to find fulfillment in their lives despite the disease.

There are many paths to becoming an AIDS Educator. You may work full-time giving school and community presentations on AIDS, or you may be a Teacher or Nurse who works AIDS education into their normal education curriculum.

Your work focuses on spreading hope and education to help eliminate AIDS. By slowing the spread of the disease, you can lower the rates of HIV infection while Scientists continue to search for a cure. Your education focuses on setting the record straight on what HIV/AIDS is, how it spreads, and what someone should do if they think they’re at risk.

To communicate this information with others, you tell inspirational stories of others who have battled the disease and direct your listeners to websites and books that offer more information. Every person you spread your message to can make smarter decisions to reduce their risk of contracting HIV, and can help pass the message along to others.