Agronomy Manager

Oversee the development of products that aid farming.

What does an Agronomy Manager do?

An Agronomist is concerned with how farms work-how the soils, pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds come together to make a crop. A Farmer is concerned with how to get the most bang for the buck-how to get the biggest crop with the least amount of capital. An Agronomy Manager works as a middleman between the two, explaining the needs of the Farmers to the Agronomists, and the findings of the Agronomists to the Farmers.

Agronomy Managers perform routine management tasks, such as hiring new staff and completing performance evaluations. If you work as an Agronomy Manager for the federal government, you may spend a lot of time bent over a microscope, doing research and making sure that your Agronomists do the same. If you work for a small seed company, on the other hand, you may spend a lot of time on the phone, talking to Farmers and clients about the products you and your team of Agronomists have developed, and why they’re superior.

No matter where you work though, you should expect to spend time on farms. This is the core of your business, after all. You’ll likely spend a lot of time talking to Farmers and looking at crops firsthand. This gives you the information you need to develop new products, or shelve products that aren’t working.

You may provide advice to the Farmers to help them utilize their soils better. You may even assist at harvest time. You’ll likely come home with dirt under your fingernails on a daily basis, and you may refine your skills as a Tractor Driver.