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Agricultural Technician



Assist in farm work or agricultural experiments.

What does an Agricultural Technician do?

Agricultural Technicians work on farms, helping Scientists accomplish everything they need to get done every day in the course of their research. You are an Agricultural Scientist ‘s Guy or Girl Friday. No matter what tasks you are asked to accomplish, keeping your brain firmly planted in the space where agriculture meets business is critical for your success.

As a trusted assistant, your job duties will run the gamut. One day, you may collect leaves from plants or draw blood from animals to be tested. The next day, you will run those samples under microscopes and record relevant data. Before you pack up for the weekend, you may find yourself out in the field, planting seeds under the hot sun.

Your job description is broad. Because of this, there are many areas you need to know about, and many areas you can choose to specialize in if you have a particularly strong interest. Some Agricultural Technicians work exclusively with animals and livestock. In this role, you’ll do more than just collect blood and tissue samples. Your duties will range from basic animal husbandry to breeding assistance to disease control. The goal is to help ensure the animals we eat are as healthy as can be.

Others choose to focus on crops and food management. You not only collect leafy samples, but also monitor crop yields and help Agronomists produce sturdier plants that are less prone to botanical diseases. There are also increasing numbers of opportunities in field technology for Agricultural Technicians who have a passion for the way things work.

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