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Agricultural Scientist



Create efficient ways to raise crops and animals.

What does an Agricultural Scientist do?

Agricultural Scientists study plant and animal populations used for food, clothing, and other human needs. Your main job is to ensure that Farmers use safe techniques to grow and harvest plants and to raise and process animals. You also investigate ways to make the agricultural industry more productive. In essence, you take farming to a higher level using science.

As an Agricultural Scientist, you do a lot of research. So much, in fact, that it could be measured in bushels and tons, just like most agricultural products. As you progress, you will also get the chance to specialize in an area that interests you most.

If you enjoy studying livestock, for instance, you might specialize in animal science, and conduct research on bovine genetics and how Farmers can breed sturdier cows. If you thrive in the plant world, however, you might study more efficient ways to grow crops that result in higher yields of fruits and vegetables. Opportunities also exist for you to analyze animal and plant environments to detect how they affect a Farmer’s output.

Agricultural Scientists generally work in government laboratories or for agricultural research institutes. You spend plenty of time in the field and in the lab, so you if you feel just as comfortable in overalls and a straw hat as you do in a lab coat and goggles, this profession might be the perfect fit. Also, expect to use more and more technology as you advance in your career. Cutting-edge Agricultural Scientists use biotechnology and nanotechnology to aid in their research.

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