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Agricultural Produce Sorter

Sort agricultural produce, such as bulbs, fruits, nuts, and vegetables.

What does an Agricultural Produce Sorter do?

Sorts agricultural produce, such as bulbs, fruits, nuts, and vegetables: Segregates produce on conveyor belt or table, working as crewmember, according to grade, color, and size, and places produce in containers or on designated conveyors. Discards cull items and foreign matter. Bunches, ties, and trims produce, such as asparagus, carrots, celery, and radishes. Picks out choice produce to be used as cappers. Packs produce in boxes, barrels, baskets, or crates for storage or shipment [PACKER, AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE 920.687-134]. May be designated according to work performed as Apple Sorter; Asparagus Grader And Buncher; Capper Picker; Citrus-Fruit-Packing Grader; Cull Grader; Potato Grader. May be designated: Asparagus Sorter; Banana Grader; Bulb Sorter; Cherry Sorter; Cranberry Sorter; Fig Sorter; Flower Grader; Fruit Sorter; Hop Sorter; Nut Sorter; Peach Sorter; Potato Sorter; Seed Sorter; Tomato Grader; Vegetable Sorter; Mushroom Sorter-Grader; Trimmer-Sorter; Sorter-Grader; Raspberry Checker.