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Agricultural Engineering Technician

Maintain farm equipment used to grow and harvest crops.

What does an Agricultural Engineering Technician do?

An Agricultural Engineering Technician constructs and maintains the machinery used by farms to grow and harvest crops. Massive yellow tractors, fearsome bulldozers, harvesting machines with spinning metal teeth are the awesome pieces of metal Agricultural Engineering Technicians have a part in building.

If you’re an Agricultural Engineering Technician, you were probably that one person in your class who could manage to bend a transforming robot back into its original bulldozer shape. A mind that understands mechanics as well as the science of farming allows you to build some of the coolest machinery roaming the fields. The equipment you create is not only a testament to modern mechanics, but also a tool to preserve a way of life and keep food promptly making its way to the grocery stores.

Farming may seem like a rustic art, but these days, it takes an arsenal of equipment to pluck the harvest from the soil. Working from a factory or a workshop, you do everything from building miles of irrigation pipe to fixing one tiny, malfunctioning piece. Power tools and welding torches are like second limbs to you as you work metal and gears into place.

And once your equipment has reached the fields, it’s your job to perform regular maintenance on your piece of technology. When things break or wear down, you’ll be asked to make repairs and improve on previous models. Running tests lets you know that what you design is safe, and gives you a chance to get your own hands on the controls.

Working with these machines is as much about staying inventive and keeping on your toes as it is about getting your hands dirty.