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Agricultural Development Officer



Look for ways to increase local crop yields and protect farms from disease.

What does an Agricultural Development Officer do?

As the job title suggests, an agricultural development officer works to develop agriculture in different areas of the globe. You can do this job both in developing countries and in first-world countries. No matter where you work though, the responsibilities of agricultural development officers stay the same: to increase agricultural activity and income within their geographic area.

Agricultural development officers work with a lot of data. Studies and past research help you to formulate long-term agricultural plans. You’re concerned with such things as plants suited for your area’s climate, availability of workers, and possible problems like drought or plant disease. After you formulate a plan, you write reports explaining it. You help your higher-ups, as well as impacted members of the public like farmers and field workers, understand why and how things will happen. Then you start looking for ways to implement your plan and realize your goals. This can be as obvious as an increase in crop income, or as subtle as an improvement in future soil quality.

As an agricultural development officer, you have the authority to make decisions regarding the distribution of agricultural resources. Although this role requires you to deal with numbers a lot, it actually takes more than just being a numbers person to be good at it. Especially in developing countries, you need to consider things like gender issues and poverty, so you have to be able to look at an area from all angles, and make decisions based on this holistic view.