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Agricultural Chemist



Use chemical processes to improve crops.

What does an Agricultural Chemist do?

If you love food and science, this may be the job for you. As an Agricultural Chemist, you protect the country’s food supply (like corn and dairy cows), and help Farmers maintain thriving crops. All the fertilizers in the world cannot combat a pest infestation that kills an entire field, or disease that threatens a herd, without Agricultural Chemists to lend their expertise.

In this job, you study farm commodities to identify ways to improve their quality and quantity. This may be through improving pest control or disease prevention, enhancing the soil composition, or even pinpointing the precise day to plant the crop. Finding a way to make the biggest, juiciest apple through cross-pollinating may be your first job duty.

Are you interested in reducing dependency on fossil fuels? As an Agricultural Chemist, you can delve into the world of alternative energy, studying ways to use agricultural products as fuels. Corn is often grown for the production of ethanol; maybe you’ll discover a similar use for soybeans or peaches.

Spending time in the field and the laboratory are common, as you research your crops and study progress. So throw your lab coat over your overalls, and you’re set for a day of playing in the dirt or working behind the microscope. Think of yourself as a high-tech Farmer, using science and problem-solving skills for the good of all humanity.

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