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Agricultural Chemicals Inspector

Ensure that chemicals in agricultural products are within safe limits.

What does an Agricultural Chemicals Inspector do?

When we go to the grocery store, we assume that the packages of meats and rows of fruits and vegetables are safe to eat. And for the most part, they are. This is due to governmental regulations that oversee the growth and production of grains, livestock, and produce.

While part of the oversight involves professionals like Food Plant Inspectors, another aspect of the process is to monitor what chemicals are used during the production and packaging of agricultural products. The Agricultural Chemicals Inspector tackles this task from the farm to the table.

Your job as an Agricultural Chemicals Inspector offers a constant change of scenery depending on the project. One day, you might be pulling on your mud boots to monitor the feeding and medication management at a farm, while the next day, you might be gathering samples from a spinach production facility.

Chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers are unavoidable in the agriculture industry. But their use is a closely monitored practice because they can have terminal effects on the animals and humans consuming them.

When you’re an Agricultural Chemicals Inspector, part of your job is to ensure that food remains within safe chemical levels. Another part involves enforcing state and federal laws. That means gathering evidence and testifying against Farmers, Pest Control Workers, and Farm Owners who fail to conform to the laws.